Let’s Talk… Riley Sager

A mini-author post, coming at you! Okay, so normally I would read everything written by the author, but this isn’t a normal situation. Riley Sager is the pseudonym of of Todd Ritter (author of Death Notice, Vicious Circle, Bad Moon, and Devil’s Night), an author whom I have never had the pleasure to read. He has listed on his Goodreads that the reason for using the pseudonym was due to publishing issues under his actual name.

I first heard about Sager through Book of the Month. In my third month with the program, The Last Time I Lied was given as an option. I did not choose it, but I did purchase it from Amazon with the expectation to read it at my first chance. In my July 2019 box, I chose Lock Every Door. Realizing that the only book by Sager I didn’t own was Final Girls, I immediately purchased it, and then because I literally own 0 self control, I bought both books on Audible.

When it comes to his style, I have noticed that he chooses characters that suffer “survivor guilt”. In Final Girls, each girl is the survivor of a terrible massacre that is heavily perpetuated in the media. In The Last Time I Lied, Emma is the lone survivor of a cabin in the woods when everyone disappears. And finally, in Lock Every Door, Jules is the lone survivor of her family.He also uses this survivor guilt to heavily influence the thought process throughout the plot.

He also likes to throw up smoke screens in his stories. While that can be a great tactic, he sometimes overuses it to the point where you can detect it. And when the happens, it takes away from the overall story. He also finds ways to surprise you at the end that leave you completely stunned. He clearly has found his niche in the thriller genre.

As of August 2nd, 2019, he does not have a next list date for his next book, but he seems to be releasing books every July. I will definitely be looking out to see when his next book comes out!

Side note: According to his Goodreads, Final Girls has been optioned for a movie, and The Last Time I Lied has been optioned for a limited series. Quick searches show that other than purchasing the rights, little has been done to get either project off the ground.

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Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

How I Read It: Audiobook/ Print

Dates Read: 8/1/19-8/2/19

Eww….. I have the heebie jeebies just thinking of making this post. This book is so incredibly good and dark and intriguing and fun to read. I would recommend it for anyone who likes the feeling of “wtf”.

We follow our girl, Jules, as she is recovering from one of the lowest moments in her life. After losing her job, boyfriend, and apartment, Jules takes an apartment sitter job at the famous Bartholomew in New York City. Upon taking the job, she learns that she is forced to stay in her apartment every night, no one is allowed to visit, and she has to hide the fact she is staying there. Chalking it up to privacy for the famous residents in the building, Jules thinks nothing of it.

She meets her fellow apartment sitter, Ingrid, where she learns that the girl before her left unexpectedly in the middle of the night to end her tenure. After finding out this information from Ingrid, Ingrid disappears in the middle of the night. As Jules begins investigating and piecing together Ingrid’s sudden disappearance, conspiracy theories began to lead her down a rabbit hole.

I had 2 theories as I read this book. The first theory, which I proposed on page 130 (yes I did use Post-It notes, come at me) ended up correct. The second theory, made on page 162 was TECHNICALLY incorrect, but was also correct. I am unsure if I was able to guess this hypotheses because I am a lover of the genre, or if that information was semi-blatant. Whatever the case may be, I was able to guess bits and pieces of what would eventually be the conclusion, but I was nowhere near able to actually guess the ending.

This book also had the added effect of tapping into one of my movie fears, so there is that. It is almost creepy in the story, unlike his others which felt more thrilling. I would give it 4.75 out of 5 stars.

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