Unplugged Advent Calendar Day 3/4

Hi! I am awful at this, and I know! But hey, at least I’m trying, right? (insert meme of internally screaming) ANYWHO, I am going to be posting both today’s and yesterday’s gifts in this post, so let’s get into it!

Like yesterday, this gift is also vegan, so thank you from this sensitive skinned baby! I will be honest, I don’t like this one as much as the lotion, but I am sure I will still use it! I have not read A Court of Throne and Roses, but I am up to read it if you guys want it!

Both my dogs were really excited for this one, especially Britt (pictured). I have not received a candle from Book Nook, but the candle has a wood piece inside instead of a wick, which I think is really cool. Also, Game of Thrones. Do I need to say more? (Side note: I have seen the entire show, but not read the books, so they are on my TBR pile! Hopefully posts will come out this year!)

Thanks guys for your patience, and I will see you all tomorrow!

If you guys have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment, find me on the social medias at @elizabooksblog, or email me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. And as always, I’ll see you all in the next book!

Unplugged Advent Calendar Day 2

Today’s gift is lotion! So a head’s up for those of you that have never seen this box: all of their gifts are made with natural ingredients and are also encourage being “unplugged” from the world and into a book. As someone who has psoriasis and also the most sensitive skin that seems to react to EVERYTHING unnatural, I am so happy to have natural lotion. My only problem with this gift is that it is so tiny so there is so little to enjoy (especially for a $50 box value)!

Unplugged Advent Calendar Day 1

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while, but I am working away over here, I promise! There will be an update about posts soon, but for now, I wanted to share some of the amazing holiday themed book packages that I have ordered!

(Side note: I will be posting another advent calendar as soon as I get it! I currently have zero updates on that front, so bear with me!)

Today’s gifts: BOOKMARKS! (and a magnet)

Firstly: the magnet is from The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, which delves into dating as someone on the autism spectrum. I love these books because not only are they steamy, but they provide a look-in to a mental disorder without making it a novelty.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is one of my favorite books, so I am really excited to get this bookmark! As for the others, I have never seen Supernatural (I know, I am ashamed) and I have never read A Curse So Dark and Lonely, but I am still excited to receive this!

Thank you guys for checking in, and I will see you all tomorrow!