Owlcrate 2021 Advent Calendar Day 12

I will say that this is a really disappointing end to the advent calendar for me. It seems like it is just a regular tea strainer that they put a design on, which is beautiful, but lackluster to me.

In terms of the advent calendar, I think there were some great gifts, but overall it was disappointing. For the price, it was worth it, but does not hold up to other higher end advent calendars. I will not be investing in this in the future, but I think it was worth the experience to see what other options are available.

Owlcrate 2021 Advent Calendar Day 11

Woof! This one has a very strong maple smell! If you have been a fan for a while, you probably know that I am a candle junkie, so I am very excited for this one! Keep in mind that this is probably about 6 hours of burn time, but it seems very potent. I have yet to burn it, but keep in mind that burning it diffuses the smell, which means it might lose a lot of that punch during burning.

Owlcrate 2021 Advent Calendar Day 3

Hey everyone and welcome to day 3! Today’s gift is a beautiful headband. I 100% will be wearing this in the future.

Side note: I have been kinda disappointed with the gifts so far. I liked the gloves, but it has felt like the gifts have felt cheap. Looking into it, this box is only $40 for 12 gifts, which is not a bad price at all, but it does mean that the gifts are probably going to be on the cheaper side. That does not mean that the gifts are bad, they just aren’t going to have as much “ooh”s and “ah”s. Keeping all of that in mind, the gifts are worthwhile for the price, but not what I was expecting to get.