Enchantée by Gita Trelease

How I Read It: Print

Dates Read: 7/28/19-8/4/19

Welcome back to me cleaning out my room! Here is another OUABC for you guys! Similar to how I treat all of these books, I literally know nothing. I am going into this completely blind, so here goes nothing!

Page 44

Hmmmmmmm… okay, so I didn’t even read a synopsis about this book so I LITERALLY went into this with 0 expectations. I was expecting it to be a book that is all about magic, and while I still have a lot of book to go, I am still surprised how heavily historical this book feels. It seems really dense to me, and that may just be due to the writing style, but it took me a seriously long time to get to the first gift.

As for the gift, the picture might be a little bad, but it is a bookmark that has a note saying to read to page 89 to get the second half of the gift. Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is a gift within a gift (side note: that gift is in a shiny gold bag, and my princess of a puppy has stolen it from me 3 times so far, so either it is filled with puppy treats, or my puppy really likes shiny things)! So I will see you all in about 40 pages!

Page 89

Why hello! Another day, another gift. This book still has not aired out for me, and I am finding it difficult to read it. I am still hopeful that the farther I go, the easier it will be to read, but I just am not there yet. This book follows Camille, a young girl from Paris (her age is never given, but I would expect that she is 17/18) who is trying to take care of her sister, Sophie, while dealing with a drunkard as a brother. She meets a boy named, Lazare, who seems to be an inventor/ adventurer, and they are flirting with each other, while neither is sure how the other feels. When Camille realizes that she can use her talent for magie to potentially win rent money after her brother robs them blind, she decides to take her gift to Versailles, with the hope of winning some real money.

As for the gift, I was extremely disappointed to discover that this gift doesn’t attach to the chain from the previous gift. Unless I managed to do that completely wrong. The picture is of a woman holding a baby, and yes, it easily came out. The actual gift is a little locket that has little fake diamonds surrounding it.

Page 180

Man… this book is going to be a rough one for me. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am trying to prep a different book, I probably would be cheating and listening on Audible. I just can’t stay in it, I find myself so easily distracted and it isn’t getting easier for me.

As for the storyline, we have learned that her mother had a magical trunk full of items that can change her appearance to look more noble. She uses that look to get into Versailles, where she meets a young man, Chandon, and his group of friends at a gambling table. Though she loses her first meeting, she gets invited to play again, where she does relatively well thanks to her magie. She learns that Chandon is also magie, and he warns her that she needs to be more careful about using magie to change cards to make it look less obvious. Camille also visits Lazare’s workshop full of his hot air balloon plans, and he promises to show her a secret whenever he is ready, which is a ride on his hot air balloon. We open the gift as she explains her successes at Versailles.

I LOVE THIS GIFT! Oh man, it is so pretty, and grown-up, and sparkly, and I will definitely be using it in my adult life!

Page 360

And we found the cop-out gift of the box! I thought for sure there was more in the package, but I was sadly disappointed. However, there are 4 other gifts in this box, which is higher than usual, so I shouldn’t complain.

As for the story, I FINALLY got to a point where I can read this book for longer than 10 minutes at a time! Still not my favorite book, and it still is really dense, but I am getting things done (after watching the entire new season of Queer Eye because I am not a monster).

Since we last talked, Camille has learned that Seguin, who is one of the noblemen from Versailles, is also magie. He, however, is only interested in producing as much chaos as possible with his magic, which is concerning because he is attaching himself to Sophie. We also learn that Lazare is an aristocrat, who also hangs out with the same group of friends that Camille has met. He seems to have an attraction to Camille when she is hidden by magic, causing her to struggle between whether he likes her or her magical self more. We also learn that Lazare and his other aeronauts are struggling to get the funding they need for their balloon expeditions, which weighs heavy on Camille’s heart.

Page 392

Wow, I have gotten so many shiny things in this box! Since we are incredibly far in this book, I am not going to be telling you plot details, but this gift is a very shiny broach that I probably will never wear!


The last 100-150 pages were fast-paced and easy to read, though some of the French I had to look up. Just wished the first 250-300 pages were the same pace. I probably won’t end up reading the sequel to this book, but hey, to each their own. Based on my own personal preferences, I would rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson

How I Read It: Print

Dates Read: 7/21/19-7/23/19

Surprise OUABC? I’m still desperately trying to get rid of all the boxes in my room, so these will still (probably) be thrown in with other reviews!

As for this book, I don’t know much, as I normally do when I jump into these OUABC books. I do know that this box is a specialty box for Valentine’s Day, so I am assuming that there will be a romance of some kind. So I figure we’ll just jump in and get it read!

Page 59

I am already feeling like I am going to like this one! It is similar to other books I have read on here (*cough, cough* Dream Factory by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler) and I am excited to keep going! Also, I obviously ordered this months ago and I can’t remember them asking for my size, but it actually is a size I can wear, which normally doesn’t happen, so I’m excited. (P.S. this is a t-shirt, the picture doesn’t really show that) (Side note: after making this post, I had gone onto the OUABC page (for a completely different reason) and saw that they did ask for your t-shirt size)

This book is about Charlotte and Ginny, identical twin sisters who come from a line of pageant queens. Charlotte has 0 intention of being a pageant queen, and is instead an elementary school librarian who is there to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. However, Ginny gets an allergic reaction, and Charlotte is debating whether she should take place in the preliminary parts of the pageant in order for her sister to qualify for the finals, since this is the last year she could qualify. Also, there’s a cute boy.

Page 173

I was getting real nervous for this one. That was a very small box for an ice bucket, but hey, it all worked out! Also, fun fact, a great way to stop a puppy fight is to try and convince them to put an ice bucket on their heads. Also, they won’t do it.

As for the story, Charlotte takes on the role of contestant for her sister. Turns out that the cute boy who also loves literature (is that even possible?) is also the judge for the pageant. And our girl Charlotte is falling hard. As for the pageant, Charlotte is finding herself making friends and doing well? But sometimes it is hard to distinguish herself from her sister, which could make the fling with Gray (cute boy) a little dicey.

Page 201

Ummmm… I literally do not own anything to go with this headpiece. Also, even if I do, I doubt I could pull this off. But, hey, maybe this could be my calling and I really could pull this off!

As for the story, we just watched the preliminary talent portion, and Charlotte won!

Page 215

Since I started this book, I was sure that I was going to get some type of alcohol, specifically wine. When I got to the point where I opened this gift, I thought that I was a magician because I was sure I was going to get champagne. Sadly, there is no alcohol in this box, but there is a champagne flute, so there is that.

Book wise, we learn that Ginny is going to continue the lie with their parents, and this gift came from Gray. So yea, don’t have much for you!


I’m going to say meh, and I am pretty sure that the only reason is because I am currently also reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I literally listened to that book all day. Since that book is also about a set of twins and it features a love story, I found myself comparing the two for the last 50 pages. Which I know, isn’t fair. But I did it.

As for the book, it definitely played as a rom com movie. I read it super fast and I really enjoyed reading it.

I would probably give this book 3.5/4 out of 5 stars.

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Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly

How I Read It: Print

Dates Read: 7/8/19-

Funny story: About a week or so after I got this box, one of my friends went to BookCon. She ended up picking up this book because not only was she interested, but she thought I would be, too! I am making it a point not to read the back, although I am guessing it is a reimagining of Cinderella. So as always, here goes nothing!

Page 7

GUYS! HOLY POOP STICKS! I NOW OWN A REAL(ish) QUILL! Okay, I think that all of us after reading Harry Potter wanted to own a quill purely because we wanted to feel fancy. Now let’s be real, I seriously doubt I am going to be pulling out my quill to handle my business, but it is for sure going on my shelf to show off. Solid reminder that if I ever have a fancy invitation, this is the pen I am going to be using to sign off on it!

As for the book, it’s different than I was expecting. This gift marked the end of the prologue, and it is very dark and creepy. It actually reminds me of Aladdin (as weird as that sounds) where a creepy dude finds himself in a tower where he infiltrates the people and convinces them to do his deeds. It also reminds me of Spinning Silver, which is a reimagining of Rumpelstiltskin.

Page 144

Don’t mind me strategically taking a picture of a mirror without showing myself. This gift is cool to me for 2 reasons: 1) most of the gifts that OUABC sends are knickknacks and this isn’t, and 2) I have decor to go with it! Man, now I need to really work on my gallery wall!

The book is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Spinning Silver, and this book falls into the same category. Surprisingly, when I do pick up the book, I am enthralled. The biggest issue for me is to pick it up in the first place. And don’t get me wrong, this book is good. It just isn’t a book I would normally read for myself.

We all know the story of Cinderella, but what happens to her “ugly stepsisters” once she gets her happily ever after? This story follows Isabelle (poor choice of naming, although I’m not sure she chose the name, or if the original story did) as she comes to terms with her new reality. Believing that her “ugliness” was her real misfortune, she meets Tanaquill, known as the “fairy godmother” in the popularized version of the story. In order to become pretty, Isabelle must find the broken pieces of her heart.

As Isabelle is trying to figure out where her missing pieces are, Chance and Fate are battling for the girl’s destiny. On one hand, Fate declares that Isabelle will die due to the dictator that is destroying France. But Chance believes that she will be the one that can defeat the dictator and save them all. Discovering Tanaquill has begun to change her destiny, Chance and Fate ask her where the broken pieces are. Once they find out that they lie with Felix (her young love), Nero (a horse), and Ella (her stepsister), it is a race to either help (Chance) or hinder (Fate) the challenge presented.

Page 204

Oof, regretting that close up of my finger, but this has to be the coolest ring box I have ever seen. While I probably would get rid of the stem (especially because I broke it trying to throw it back in the box, whoops), I probably would hold on to the rose ring box. The ring itself is small for me (which doesn’t say much because I have humongous fingers), so I probably won’t wear it much if all, but it is extremely beautiful (the stone is lavender in color, sorry for the poor lighting #bloggeronabudget).

I’m debating in my head about what I want to say about the plot. We are introduced to Nero in this section, and our storyline with Felix has progressed. We also start to see the progression of Isabelle as she becomes more courageous and proud of herself. The overarching feminist theme of the novel is punctuating more as Isabelle begins to solve her problems in order to find her pieces of her heart.

Page 261

Don’t mind the spacing, I was struggling to make it work! Okay, so here’s the thing. I got 3 really cool gifts in this box, and I also know that I should not be selfish. But all I got was a piece of paper. A piece of paper related to the story, but a piece of paper nonetheless. Not even a professionally printed paper. I am talking a piece of regular paper with this printed on it. And while I appreciate the thought, I am still really disappointed that this is all I get (millennial problems, am I right?).

As for the story, there isn’t much I feel comfortable telling you guys without giving away the story. What I will say is that Fate is playing super dirty and I am so proud of my girl Isabelle.


Let’s go! Way to go Isabelle! Dude, I love Isabelle! The overall story is one about the power of the heart, and the emotions that are attached to it. It is very empowering, beautifully written, and fun to read. I recommend it for anyone (and that says a lot because I don’t normally read these types of books). I will say that the Fate/ Chance storyline was a little confusing, especially in the beginning, but it clears up as the story continues.

If you guys have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment, find me on the social medias at @elizabooksblog, or email me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. And as always, I’ll see you all in the next book!