Cold Hearted: A Tale of the Wicked Stepmother

Reminder: This review is of a series and not an individual book. While I will write a synopsis for each book, I will do my best to not give away blatant spoilers. With that being said, the end of one book more or less is the start of another, so information from the end of the previous book may play a role in the plot of the next book, thus I have to give away the spoiler. Read the synopsis at your own discretion.

Lady Tremaine travels to her best friend’s house to relax and unwind. She chooses to leave her two daughters behind after they had acted impishly, taking only her lady’s maid, Mrs. Bramble. While at the friend’s house, she learns that her friend has set Lady Tremaine up with Sir Richard of the Many Kingdoms. After a few conversations, Sir Richard proposes marriage and request Lady Tremaine and her daughters come at once to his chateau. While initially Lady Tremaine believed that she had found a love match and that she would get to live in the same manner as she did in England, she learns very quickly that Sir Richard has a completely idea. He only wants Lady Tremaine to be the glorified housekeeper while he spends her money he won upon their marriage. Slowly, Lady Tremaine begins to fall into a complete tailspin, which shows us that not only Cinderella was the victim in the situation.

Nanny and the Fairy Godmother receive word from Cinderella that she is concerned for her stepsisters. Looking back at the events that led to Lady Tremaine’s time in the chateau, they have to make the decision on whether they will help the two sisters or not.

I don’t think I have ever read a book where they make Cinderella out to be so mean. Listen, I get that in a lot of ways, that was caused by her father, but Cinderella was not the greatest person in the world as we were led to believe. Also, her father is a jerk. Like major jerk, trying to censor myself level jerk. I do think it is important to note, while I totally empathize with Lady Tremaine, I feel like we kinda ignore the stepsisters. I mean, they are colloquially known as the “ugly stepsisters” and that isn’t cool. It is interesting to me that we see that they had to go through all of the house cleaning and seem unempathetic to Cinderella doing ALL the work that the two of them did together. That to me says they don’t deserve the help they receive.

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