An Update on Christmas 2020

Hello friends! I know that I have promised Once Upon a Book Club’s holiday boxes this year, but with COVID-19 regulations and the overwhelming amount of packages going through the mail system right now, I have a feeling that I will be receiving these packages very very late (with the current tracking numbers, my packages never left Phoenix in the past week, so my current estimate is after Christmas). For that reason, the Advent 2020 box and the Christmas 2020 box will more than likely be saved until next year. At this point, my New Year’s Eve box has not shipped, but with that in mind, that will also probably be late. So for that reason, I probably will make that review part of next year as well. I am incredibly sorry guys, but I cannot feasibly fit these packages into my schedule considering where I am currently at mentally, and I would rather make it part of the season than to just upload them whenever. Thank you for the love and support, and I will see you guys with the next book!

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