Black Lives Matter - Wikipedia

Look, I’ll be honest, I suck at running this blog. But I want you all to know that I very much care about the unrest that is going on not only in my country, but around the globe. From the start of this blog, I have avoided saying those 3 words together because I didn’t grow up in an area where that rang true. Coming from an area where there is an active KKK in the next town over, where Confederate flags hang freely from businesses, and where Trump held a rally for the 2016 election, I believed that “all lives matter” but didn’t really understand what I was saying until college.

Now an adult, I still believe that all lives matter, but let’s be real, black lives got the short end of the stick. #blacklivesmatter is not about saying “all lives don’t matter, only black”, but by saying “yes, all lives matter, but black lives are systematically torn down and maybe we should fix that”. So I encourage you to support this movement, to support your fellow man, and to support this movement.

I will never understand what it is like to be black. I will never understand the atrocities they face on any given day. I will never understand, but I will stand beside them and continue to amplify their voices.

To help in any way, here are places that you can donate to:


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