I owe you all an explanation

Okay, I’ll admit it, I have been completely absent from this site. As I have mentioned before, I am from the United States, and if you are aware of what is going on in this country right now, sh*t hit the fan. With the recognition of COVID-19 coming into the country, the country essentially shut down. But I work in conjunction with veterinary sciences, so I was deemed an essential employee meaning that while everyone else was sitting at home trying to figure out how they would pay their bills, I had to work overtime hours in order to get everything done. I am so sorry if any of you needed this site to provide a distraction, but with federal relief coming back in, I should be able to be more available. With all that being said, this past month has probably been the hardest month for me to read. And while I had a little bit of a safety net when it comes to posts, that safety net is pretty much exhausted at this point. So bear with me, we will get through this, but for at least the month of May, posts are going to only be up on Mondays. But I promise that I will be working to change that soon. Thanks guys, I love you, stay safe, and I will see you all soon!

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