Unplugged Advent Calendar Day 9

For the past 9 days, I have been super mad at this advent calendar. I spent almost $50, and I thought they didn’t give me the 10 presents I paid for (yea, I hear the entitlement in that sentence). Thankfully, there is a present within this book sleeve, so nobody is going to get any nasty emails this holiday season!

As you can tell from the first picture, at some point in me going in and out of this box, a hole showed up in the packaging (which is tissue paper, so it makes sense). I had figured that it was a book by the weight and the size, so I had been trying to figure out what book it could be by the colors I could see. But this is probably SOOOOO much better of an outcome. The colors of the book sleeve are right up my alley, and I am so excited to put the sleeve to use! I also like that it has a closure so the book doesn’t slide out of the sleeve.

If you guys have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment, find me on the social medias at @elizabooksblog, or email me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. And as always, I’ll see you all in the next book!

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