Once Upon a Book Club Advent Calendar Days 1-7

FINALLY! After almost 2 weeks of waiting (plus the month before we reached shipping date) I have finally gotten my advent calendar in the mail. And while it may be my puppy’s birthday, I managed to get the most gifts *hair flip*. So today, let’s go on a journey of the past 9 days.

Day 1

When I first heard about this box, I thought that they were going to do poems, but I really enjoy this story. Unlike last year, this advent calendar has an overarching story instead of a bunch of short stories, which requires SO much creativity, so hats off to the ladies at Once Upon a Book Club!

As for this book! From what I understand of the synopsis, this book weaves fact with fiction as we learn about the woman behind a famous painting. I can guarantee that I NEVER would have picked this book out for myself, but that’s one of the major reasons I love these types of subscription boxes.

Day 2

I am slightly concerned by these mittens because I got some big hands (story of my life). I can get them on, but they don’t feel that great on me. But they are adorable, and now I have to make some tough decisions.

Day 3

Already this keychain is on my keys! I am so happy with this one! Firstly, it is my colors, and secondly, look at it! Ugh, I am in heaven over here!

Day 4

From what I can tell from the synopsis, Ernest Young was sold at the 1909 World’s Fair in Seattle. He ended up at a brothel where he found a sense of security. But the secrets of his past stay secret until 50 years later when the next Seattle World’s Fair comes to town. I am super confused by the synopsis, but it sounds really interesting, so I’m excited to try it out!

Day 5

Truly my favorite gift so far! I have showed it to every single member of my family! The light is slightly on the bluer side, which I don’t like to read under, but it is so freaking cute, so worth it?

Day 6

Yes. Yes yes yes. I literally just bought myself a locket in the shape of the box, so brilliant minds think alike!

Day 7

From what I understand of the synopsis, women in 1881 attended a college in Illinois to become physicians. In an effort to have a “sisterhood” between these women, Beth Carrington sets out to open a fraternity. But she receives a lot of backlash from the people who think women should go to school for secretary jobs. As she continues to fight for the fraternity, she learns a lot about the school, friendship, and love.

I think out of all the books in this post, I am the most excited for this one! I love 1) reading literature about women being awesome, and 2) I love books about women going into the sciences.

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