Unplugged Advent Calendar Day 6

Today’s gift is a lip balm! I can’t tell a specific novel that this was based on, but the packaging is so beautiful! It only says apothecary lip balm, which does not help with the flavor at all, but I think it is cherry? I can’t look up the flavor because it is an exclusive item, but if you would like any similar products, you can go to delightnaturals.com to check out the tons of flavors they have! (According to their site, everything in their lip balms and lotions are all natural. There is no mention of being vegetarian or vegan.)

If you guys have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment, find me on the social medias at @elizabooksblog, or email me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. And as always, I’ll see you all in the next book!

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