No One’s Home by D.M. Pulley

How I Read It: Print

Dates Read: 10/13/19-10/17/19

This is the Spooky Mini Halloween box for 2019. I don’t know anything about this book, other than that it is supposed to be “spooky”. I am slightly concerned because I am not a “scary” book type of person, and I often get bad nightmares from horror novels. But YOLO, so I am going to be reading this and trying it out. Pray for me.

Page 184

There was no good way for me to get a picture, but the gift this time around is a silk robe with the lace embroidery on the sleeves and the bottom. My big concern is that I am not a small gal, and often “one size fits all” scenarios do not include my size, but I will try it out and let you know!

As for the story. I don’t find it particularly scary, but it is creepy. The concept revolves around this house and the families that live there. As far I can tell, I think that we only really follow 4 of the 5 families that lived in the house (according to the family listing in the front of the book), but it may just be that we haven’t gotten to their storyline yet.

Margot and Myron Spielman, along with their son Hunter, move into this “fixer-upper” in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. With every family comes secrets, and this family is no exception. Margot runs a yoga class online, which then becomes a sexual webcam situation. Myron has a drug problem. And Hunter feels the presence of something in the house.

Then you have the Rawlings, who were the original owners of the house. Set before the big crash of ’29, Walter Rawlings comes home and tries to put a gun to his head. He couldn’t get himself to do it, so he took a bunch of pills instead. He left his wife, who has gone through multiple miscarriages after the birth of her only child, and his son, Walter Jr. The maid, Ella, has been trying to fix the money situation, so she began to run a bootlegging brewery out of the attic.

The next family is the Bell family. As far as I can tell, we don’t know anything about them, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn a lot of messed up things about them soon.

The next family is the Klussmans. The son, Benny, is in his 20s, but do to some mental or physical defect, is unable to communicate (especially through vocation). He hits his head when he gets upset with himself, he convulses, and he hears a voice in his head. His mother is trying to take care of him in the house instead of sending him to a hospital.

The final family of the house is the Martin family. The father is the head of the town construction company, and he may also be sexually abusing his daughter, Ava. Both Ava and her brother, Tony, sense bad energy in the house, and they try to explore the parts of the house that were considered “off-limits” for them.

The main focus is the Spielman family, and especially Hunter who is trying to unearth the history of the house. The robe is supposed to signify the white nightgown that the ghost of a little girl is seen wearing. (Update: it does fit, and it is super cute, though very short)

Page 228

One night while Benny gets out of the house, a young girl gets murdered. So far, police have no evidence against him. Tony is forced to leave the house after his father dies and his mother can no longer pay the bills. Ava could not come with him, and is possibly the little girl ghost of the house. The Spielman’s find the secret room in the attic and the papers within. Information from those papers say that Walter Jr. was killed by his mother. Myron learns of Margot’s webcam situation, and Hunter learns of Myron’s drug addiction. This leads to huge rifts in the family, and Hunter has taken to sleeping in the basement to stay away from his parents.

When I read the sentence for the gift, I got really excited. I was going to be really impressed if they sent me wine through the mail. But alas, I got bubble bath (nothing wrong with that!). While my current living situation prevents me from taking a bath, it did bring up memories of my youth when I went on vacation in a cabin by the lake. Good times, good times.


Meh. As a work of fiction, I found myself engrossed in the story. As a horror novel, it didn’t do it for me. If you are looking for something more spooky, check out Laurie Faria Stolarz. I personally feel like a horror book should not be able to be tied up in a perfect bow, but that might just be me.

Once I got into the meat of the story, I was able to read over 100 pages a day. But it took me a solid 3 days to get 100 pages in. For someone who wants to get into the spooky season without getting TOO spooked, I would recommend this book! I would ultimately give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

If you guys have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment, find me on the social medias at @elizabooksblog, or email me at And as always, I’ll see you all in the next book!

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