The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

How I Read It: Audiobook

Dates Read: 6/30/19-9/10/19

Ji Lin is trying to make money to recover her mother’s debts. She works at a dance hall, where she meets a salesman. After an incident, she ends up accidentally stealing a glass jar containing a blacken finger. This finger be;onged to a Doctor MacFarland, whom Ren used to work for. Ren was tasked with the recovery of the finger after the doctor died. Ji Lin, using her literary-gained detective skills, begins the long journey of where the finger originated. Using the help of her stepbrother, Shin, she uncovers dark secrets of the people in the hospital. With a look-in at interconnecting stories, the power of connection, and the insane things people do for money, this story is both beautiful and intricate.

I had moments as I was listening to this book when I was super into it. I would try to find time to listen to this book so I could learn my next clue in the story. On the other hand, there were days where I wouldn’t even bother because my interest had completely waned. I thought the relationship that Ji Lin landed herself in was extremely gimmicky and not important for the story. Also, there is this night tiger, right? But then NOBODY talks about it by the end of the story. Like what the heck? What happened to this tiger? I feel slightly cheated on that front. I ultimately would give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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