The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gower

How I Read It: Audiobook

Dates Read: 8/11/19-8/15/19

I am so frustrated! I listened to this book for 4 straight work days, and NOTHING happened! I kept thinking that we were building up to this moment, and then I realized that I had 20 minutes left in the book. There was no ending, and the rest of the story is more or less forgettable. And even though this isn’t a book I would have picked up for myself, I can still tell you that nothing of any type of consequence actually happens in this book, and that if you want to read 500 pages for no reason, here is your book.

Okay, so there’s this dude named Hancock who is in financial straits. He is given a real-life mermaid from his ship captain, and he decides to start showcasing it in order to bring in a cash flow. Many people want to see the mermaid, so the owner of the nunnery (which is more of a brothel than a convent) takes charge and sets up a party (which essentially turns into an orgy, sorry dad). Hancock, being wooed by one of the girls, Angelica, was completely distressed by the party and removed his mermaid, eventually selling it to royalty for a steep price.

Angelica met another man at this party and, in a speed that would put Romeo and Juliet to shame, they fall in love. When Mr. Hancock goes to Angelica’s door to ask for more of her time, she tells him that he can earn her time by bringing her a mermaid. So, he uses his money to pay for a new mermaid to be captured and brought to him. When that other dude comes out broke, he dumps Angelica, causing her to fall into the arms of Mr. Hancock. He agrees to repay her debts, and she asks for them to be married. Around the same time, ANOTHER mermaid is captured, this one alive.

At this point, I don’t even know what to tell you, because literally I don’t know what is important and what isn’t. I was so utterly disappointed, and I went in not expecting much from this book. There is no real point for me to keep talking and tearing down this book, so I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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