Let’s Talk… Bedtime Stories

Since I was a little kid, I have struggled with the concept of falling asleep. I remember trying to go to sleep at 8 years old and going to my dad’s office yelling that I couldn’t do it. Counting sheep never worked, watching TV kept me more awake, and nothing I did seemed to fix my problem. As an adult, I still can’t seem to get to sleep at night, and I am still trying to figure out what I need to do to get some ZzZ’s.

A lot of the adultier adults in my life said that they read books before they go to sleep and that that action is the routine they need to fall asleep. And let me tell you, it doesn’t work for me. Maybe it would be a better option for someone who doesn’t read all the time, but I am not in that category. And funny enough, I will take a nap while reading, but something in my brain doesn’t let that happen at night. I don’t know man, I’m weird.

In my bedroom at home, I run a fan that is incredibly loud (my family dubbed it The Wind Tunnel), and with the TV on, I can fall asleep. But when I am not at home, and not surrounded by white noise, I can’t block out all the thoughts and ideas that run through my brain right before I sleep.

So you might be asking, what does this have to do with books? Well… what if I told you, you are never to old to be read to sleep? At the ripe old age of 23, I have been read bedtime stories for the past few nights, and I’m not mad about it. I use a meditation app called Calm. Within this app, they have meditations, sleep body scans, and bedtime stories. You get to see how long the story is, which story you want, and the app will close out after the story ends. I genuinely don’t know why someone wouldn’t use that service, except for the price. If you use the app religiously, it is worth it, but otherwise not so much. (This is not an endorsement of any kind. But Calm, call me.)

But in general, hearing a story from someone who is so confident and calm is incredibly relaxing. And while I wouldn’t recommend listening to a scary thriller book (speaking from experience), I totally recommend listening to a soft read before going to bed. Audible also offers an option where you can choose a sleep timer for however long you would like. So try it out. You might find out that a bedtime story is all it takes to get a few ZzZ’s!

If you guys have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave a comment, find me on the social medias at @elizabooksblog, or email me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. And as always, I’ll see you all in the next book!

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