The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

How I Read It: Audiobook/Ebook

Dates Read: 6/10/19-6/15/19

Unlike most of the other books I have read so far by him, I just did not find myself gravitating to pick it up and read. I think that it is a solid book, but I just did not find it as entertaining as the newer books he has put out.

This book follows Denise, a single mother of Kyle, who is developmentally slow in language. After a car accident, Taylor, a volunteer fireman, comes into their lives. They begin their story together, realizing how patient and loving they both are, and they discover their feelings for each other. But Taylor isn’t as forthcoming as they need, and quickly things begin to dissolve. Now the question becomes, can they save each other before all 3 are hurt?

I absolutely loved the storyline around Kyle. I think it is incredibly important to talk about developmental issues and that there are parents that give up everything for the sake of their child. I also appreciated that Sparks made the relationship in a way that said “hey, I sacrificed everything for my kid and I would do it again, but I also am a human being that craves attention”. He did a really good job of not minimizing the work she was doing while still keeping the romance alive. With all that being said, I just did not feel attached to this book like I did for his others, and that is why it took me so long to read this.

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