The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

How I Read It: Print

Dates Read: 6/7/19-6/9/19

Don’t mind me crying in a Houston airport. Okay, this book was actually written with the idea of Miley Cyrus playing the role of Ronnie. When writing a book that is promised for the big screen, often it can take away from the quality of writing. With this book, I genuinely felt like the book could not only stand alone, but was better than the movie.

This book follows Ronnie, a punk rock type of chick with a prodigy level of piano expertise. Originally from New York, she gets “shipped” to Wrightsville Beach, NC for the summer. After discovering a sea turtle nest, her life completely changes (his name is Will). But things are never as they seem, and secrets always catch up in the end.

Look man, the love story is cute, and my inner white girl is super happy for it. But more than that, the love between a daughter and a father is so incredibly beautiful in this novel. That is the aspect I think that people need to focus on. And while faith in God is discussed throughout the novel, I think the faith that they found in each other is so much more interesting to me.

The Last Song Poster

The movie follows the book really well, which makes sense because they are interconnected writing-wise. For obvious reasons, the movie does have to take things and not only condense them, but also take some liberties. And look, ya girl thinks Liam Hemsworth is the epitome of sexy, so having to watch the movie for the blog was a sacrifice, but I got it done.

As for the comparison, I did appreciate that the book focused on Steve and his thoughts and ideas throughout the lover story. I wish that the movie focused on him more, but I also recognize that the whole idea of the movie is the love story between Ronnie and Will and that I am really a nobody in this situation.

Side note: the casting for Jonah was fantastic and I hope that little boy becomes a big movie star one day.

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