Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

How I Read It: Audiobook/ Ebook

Dates Read: 5/28/19-5/31/19

Okay. so let’s be real. Raise your hand if you knew this was also a movie. Nicholas Sparks is one of those authors where you either completely know every word to the book or you have never heard of it before. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with this particular book, but there just isn’t a following to it as compared to some of the others that he has written. For the sake of keeping interest, I tried my best to split up the books so that there are high interest books throughout the whole 3 weeks.

This book follows Theresa Osborne, a family columnist for the Boston Globe. Dealing with her first time without her son since her divorce, Theresa goes to Cape Cod where she comes upon a bottle with a message in it. After reading the letter, Theresa wanted nothing more than to find the man who wrote the incredible words on the page. After publishing the letter in the paper, she discovers that there are more letters. She begins to piece the clues together until she finds her mystery man: Garrett.

Garrett is a scuba instructor in Wilmington, North Carolina. He recently became a widower (hence the letters), and he loves to sail. He completely swore off finding love, until he meets Theresa that is. They quickly begin to find love in each other, but there are many factors that are constantly trying to tear them apart.

My thoughts are simply that it did not live up to A Walk to Remember. Maybe I shouldn’t have read them back to back, but I truly didn’t feel the effect that A Walk to Remember gave me. I think it is a sweet book, but it was not a page-turner to me.

Message in a Bottle Poster

Oof, that was rough! The cringe level is on an 11 in this one. The movie really didn’t do this book justice, and now I completely understand why this is one of his underrated books. I did not believe the love story, and I physically shuddered multiple times at the way they acted. The saving grace of the movie was Paul Newman. He was so incredibly good in this movie. To rent from Amazon, it only cost $0.99, and I probably wouldn’t even pay that.

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