Let’s Talk… 1 month

Holy poop sticks! Has it really been a month? You guys are fantablulously amazing, have I told you guys that before? Thank you so much for letting me live out this dream!

This blog started as a therapy mechanism to help me cope with new stressors in my life. Now I see so much more out of this, and it is because so many people I know and love have encouraged me to keep loving this dream out. Thank you!

Just to give you a little idea of how much viewership we have been getting: I have had over 100 people interact with the Facebook page, had over 100 views on this blog, been found through search engines, reached 4 different countries (including US), and have posted double digit reviews.

For fear of this sounding like an Oscar speech, I’m going to talk about my favorite review. (Cough, cough, go check out Ghosted by Rosie Walsh) My very first review (is it bad my first one is my favorite? Ah well, it’s only downhill from here!) is so incredibly whimsical and fun and me. I just want this to feel like I am talking to my best friend over a Frappuccino about the book I just read. I think that so many reviews lack a personality, and I want you to feel like not only a person wrote it, but that someone you can imagine in the room (and hopefully you don’t hate?) wrote it. I try to connect not only myself, but you guys, to the book. That’s what books have always been, a connection between myself and this other world, and I want to make you guys part of that connection too.

Soooooooooo…. you might be asking “what’s next?” Well, let (clap) me (clap) tell (clap) you (clap’s Friends theme). Okay, I’m done, I promise (clap clap). Okay I lied. Anywho, I am going to be continuing to post Let’s Talks, but I am going to be changing them up a little bit. Out of suggestion (thanks Shelby), I am going to be posting about a particular genre and what exactly makes a good book for that genre in my eyes (hair flip), about my favorite authors and what I think they do really well or really bad, while also keeping some random Let’s Talks about things that I think matter in the book world or matter in relation to this blog. BTW, I am going to be asking you guys in a poll on Facebook about how I should go about some of my ideas, so stay tuned on there!

But I also want this to be about you guys. I now have a Facebook page Elizabeth’s Bookstore, a Twitter (@elizabooksblog) and Instagram (@elizabookblog), and as always I have my e-mail elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog, so if you would like to reach out or hear about what is going on in my life, check out those social media. You can also always comment on one of my posts if there is something you want to see on this blog. I can’t promise I will do it, but I am open to suggestion. I want this to be about you guys too, so please let me know! In an effort to wrap up, I will say thank you for everything and I will see you all in the next book!

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