Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

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How I Read It: Audiobook/Print

Dates Read: 3/29/19-3/30/19

Ugh… I’m not crying you are. Okay, so this would not be a book I would have ever chosen for myself. I am not someone who really likes historical fiction, which I guess technically this is? But it is mostly this really cute love story, and I owe Book of the Month (surprised?) for giving me this incredible book.

This story opens up with Clara in 1969. She is returning to Winthrop Island after a car accident shook up her life. This also times well with the escape of her first love, Joseph Vargas, from a federal penitentiary. This book switches back and forth between 1969 and 1951 (when they first met), so you watch their love story unfold. In 1951, Clara is coming to Winthrop Island for her mother’s marriage to Hugh Fisher. Along with her new stepsister Isobel, they find trouble and adventure every step of the way.

Now, there is a side story. And as I said in The Lies We Told by Camila Way, I understand that the side story is important, it just felt jarring. And honestly, this particular side story would not have ruined the book by not being in it. I think the ending sums up pretty well without needing Bianca’s side story. But this is completely a stylistic thing that I am sure many people would disagree with. So to each their own!

I will also say, I LOVED the love story. It was sweet and innocent and absolutely heart warming. HOWEVER, there was multiple instances of rape within this novel, so please be aware that if this is a trigger for you, please do not read this book. I also felt like as much as this love story was so sweet, literally every other relationship in this novel was about power and money. The juxtaposition was so jarring and slightly overwhelming.

As for me, I truly only picked up this book because I finished the book I was listening to and wanted to listen to something for the rest of my work day. I had been avoiding picking up this book purely because I did not think it was a book I would have enjoyed. As much as I was pleasantly surprised by my feelings towards this book, I was not completely floored either. So I would rate this book 3.5 or 4 out of 5? Maybe? Like truly was impressed, but I wouldn’t reread this book either. But I also encourage you to take the leap of faith and try it out yourself to see if you enjoy the story as much as I did!

If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave me a comment! And if you would like to talk to me privately, feel free to e-mail me at And as always, I will see you all at the next book!

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