Let’s talk… ARCs

While I am not talking about baseballs (can you tell I’m excited it’s back?), I am talking about Advanced Reading Copies. If you haven’t figured out, I love to read, and it makes reading a little more special to be chosen to read an ARC. I have read “advanced copies” many times before through subscription boxes, but I have only been chosen to read one once. Here’s that story:

I have only been asked to read an ARC once, and it was subsequently the most exciting and nerve racking experience I have had with books. While I love to read, I am incredibly critical about the book you put in front of me (surprised?). The last thing I wanted to do was get sent a book, absolutely hate it, and lie to all the people who saw my review on Goodreads. There was a power to reading an ARC that my anxious little self couldn’t begin to process.

Thankfully, I loved the book. It was by an author I had read before and enjoyed, and while it was not what I had initially expected, I wasn’t absolutely devastated. But I felt the ending was super rushed and the whole story fell a little flat to me because of it.

When you get chosen to do an ARC, you are expected to give your honest review. But nobody would want my honest review of anything. So I simply said, this book is great, but the last 30-40 pages felt rushed, but I love this author. I hoped that by glossing over my critique that I might encourage the publisher to say “hey, this gal is swell, let’s have her read more.” FYI, I never got to read more. But this inherent fear that if I hide my true thoughts, then I might succeed in life is an issue, and I recognize that.

By starting this blog, I promise that I will be completely honest, even if it puts me or an opportunity I have received in a bad light. And to any publishers out there, hi, let me read your books!

If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments. And as always, if you have any questions and would like to talk to me personally, e-mail me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. I’ll see you all at the next book!

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