Let’s Talk… How I Read It

If you looked through my reviews, one of the first things I list is how I read it. To me, how I read the book says a lot about not only my interest level in the book, but also the amount of time I invested into a book. So here is the list of ways I read, and if there is another way you encourage, I am open ears in the comments.


In August of 2018, I finally took the plunge and downloaded Audible. What I love about it is that when I am driving, it helps keep my mind off the road rage and in a book. I also love listening to a book while I work, which I think is purely because I work in a secluded corner doing very repetitive, mindless work. (Side note: I always was the kid that did better working while I was distracted. I always had the TV on or headphones in my ears while I worked, and even into college I did better when I had something I was listening to. For whatever reason, that sentiment has carried over into adulthood.) A lot of the time, if I have an audiobook, I will also have an ebook or a print book along with it. Audiobooks take so incredibly long compared to reading something in print, so if I start listening to something that truly piques my interest, then I will also read it in print to speed the process along. From my experience, audiobooks are much more expensive than the other two options. HOWEVER, using an Audible subscription plan, I pay about $11 per credit instead of the $20+ of an audiobook. I also try to conserve credits as much as I can, so if a book I want is on sale at any point, I try to snatch it up for a price less than $10. They also offer a romance package that gives you access to any book within that package for a monthly fee. Overall, I love using audiobooks, and you will often see them in my reviews, but for someone without the same freedoms in their everyday life, I don’t recommend it.


I am specifically going to talk about Kindle books because that is the service I use. Kindle books are convenient because you can have an entire library at your fingertips. Essentially, if I was at the doctor’s office and they took forever (which they always do), I could pull out my phone and read a book. Also, using Kindle and Audible, the two work together to update where you are in the book, even if you switch back and forth. Kindle also gives you the option to organize your books into collections, so those of you who need that OCD, you’re welcome. Kindle is often the least expensive option and also the most immediate. When trying to think of why I don’t use Kindle as much as print, the only honest answer is that I am a snob. I desperately want to feel a book in my hand, turn the page physically, and feel the incredible satisfaction of snapping a book shut when I finish. For those of you that want the best option, I begrudgingly have to say this is it.


The final option and the most organic option. This is the one you see on bookshelves as far as the eyes can see. Whether it be paperback or hardcover, print books means that I physically hold a book in my hand while I read. I absolutely love this option, but it comes with a price. While I absolutely love holding a book, it is becoming obsolete, and for good reason. As we become more environmentally and globally conscious, ebook libraries seem like a better option than their physical counterparts. In some ways, print books can be more economically favorable in my position, but I have quickly begun to choose audiobooks over print books (oh the shame).

When it comes down to it, pick your poison. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are reading! If you have any thoughts, feel free to leave any comments in the comment section. Also as always, if you have any questions you want to ask to me personally, feel free to contact me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog. Until the next book guys! See you soon!

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