Let’s talk…. Subscription boxes

In May of 2018, I went on a huge shopping spree. I signed up for way too many subscription boxes so that I could get books delivered to my front door once a month. Here is what I have learned:

Bookish Box


I was subscribed to this box for a brief time while I was in college. While it was fun, it just produced a lot of clutter. I re-signed up in May and felt the same lackluster feeling. For people interested in knickknacks, this is a great box, but for those who are interested in something meaningful, this probably isn’t the best box. By the way, I have a ton of enamel pins if anyone wants any. This box offers both adult and young adult options, as well as many different t-shirt sizes.

Uppercase box


I absolutely enjoyed this box when I first started getting it. One of the biggest draws, for me, was the interactive experience. Every month, they send you a book, along with other bookish items, and a bookmark that lists 5 pages and the codes for that page. Then, you go on their website, look up that code, and hear something from the author, take part in discussion questions, or hear from other reviewers. Over time, the books have gotten farther away from the type of books that I enjoy, so while this experience is no longer for me, I am sure that someone else will absolutely love it. The only option in this box is young adult.

Bookcase Club

$100/ year

I am sure they have plenty of other options for what pricing you would like to do, but for less than $10/ month, I felt like I couldn’t do much better. Each month, you get sent 2 books. My biggest issue with this box is that, while the option is young adult, it almost felt like the book choices were either way outside of my literary preferences (when did I become such a snob?) or were extremely juvenile in content. Again I say, this box would be great for somebody, that somebody just isn’t me. They have plenty of children options and young adult options.

Once Upon a Book Club


Okay, that title is really cute, right? Not just me? Anyway, this has become one of my favorite parts of the month. You get sent a box (which looks like a book, I mean come on people) filled with gifts and a book. It is your job to show the self restraint to read the book, and once you reach a certain page, you can open the gifts. It is so much fun when you read that the protagonist gets a locket, then open the locket yourself. While I absolutely love this box, it does produce clutter. They offer young adult and adult options, as well as specialty boxes.

Book of the Month


Okay, I use this service rather religiously. That $15 a month is for the credit of 1 book. While that’s great, you can add up to 2 other books to your box for only $10 each. So ya girl gets 3 of that month’s books for a grand total of $35. And while some people may think that is ridiculous, it has quickly become a point of pride. If I were to buy the books on amazon, I easily would have paid double, especially because they are pre-orders. The way it works, every month their readers chose 5 books that will come out that month. They then offer you to choose any of those 5 books. In some ways, this is a limiting factor, but they often find books that could work for anybody. You also always have the opportunity to skip. Being the person I am, I have put myself on a mission to read all the books that have been offered in the time I have been signed up to the service. You also can choose to add-on any of the books they still have available from previous boxes if you don’t like the options they posted for that month. I literally see no reason why someone hasn’t signed up for this service.

If you have ever used one of these services or just have an opinion of your own about these or another one I should try out, let me know in the comments section. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, e-mail me at elizabethslick@elizabethsbookstore.blog and I will happily chat with you! Thanks guys and I will see at the next book!

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